Presbyterian Women understand that scripture asks us to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

  • Our Moderator: Caroline Czerkawski

Our Purpose

  • Nurture Faith – Nurturing our faith through prayer and Bible study is the first point of our Purpose,
  • Support Mission – For more than 200 years, Presbyterian Women have demonstrated a commitment to serve the mission of the church in special, caring ways.
  • Work for Justice and Peace – We are called to share God’s love with the world, by being God’s hands in the world. We answer God’s call to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.(Micah 6:8).
  • Build Community – As disciples of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Presbyterian Women are committed to finding, nurturing and building community in our circles and cities and, truly, throughout the world!
  • Develop Leaders – Presbyterian Women provides an atmosphere that promotes personal growth and develops women’s gifts of responsible and visionary leadership. Empowered to serve, many women also go on to lead in their churches, communities and the denomination.

NWPW Circle – Horizon Bible Study

We welcome ALL women to join us. Our meetings are on the second Monday of the month at 11 AM, September – May, in the library at NWPC. This year’s study is Sacred Encounters: The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts by Olive Mahabir

09/11/23 Lesson 1 Elizabeth’s Sacred Encounter, Luke 1:1-24 & 39-45

10/09/23 Lesson 2 The Exorcism in Gerasa, Luke 8:26-39

11/13/23 Lesson 3 A Bleeding Woman Encounters Christ, Luke 8:43-48

12/11/23 Lesson 4 Mary and Martha Encounter Jesus, Luke 10:38-42

01/08/23 Lesson 5 A Person with Leprosy Encounters Jesus, Luke 17:11-21

02/12/23 Lesson 6 A Person with a Physical Disability Encounters Jesus, Acts 3:1-10

03/11/23 Lesson 7 An Ethiopian Eunuch Encounters the Good News of Jesus, Acts 8:26-40

04/08/23 Lesson 8 Lydia Encounters Jesus in Worship, Acts 16:11-15

05/13/23 Lesson 9 People Encounter Jesus Through the Work of the Disciples, Acts 9:36-43