Kirk is the Scottish word for church. We use it because the Presbyterian Church is rooted in Scotland.

  • Wednesdays during the school year (usually September through May)

4:30 PM Music-Handbells

The adult handbell group meets to practice as designated by the director of music. If you are interested in joining the handbell group, contact the church at (336-667-1288) or email Debo Cornett, Director of Music.

5:30 PM Meal

Kirk Night begins with a delicious meal, at no charge, and serving starts at 5:30 PM. Due to various work and school schedules, people arrive at different times. This is a wonderful time to get to know other people and engage in lively conversation. Conversation starters are often provided by the Congregational Life committee members.

Participants are given the opportunity to help with the Matthew 25 Vision of eradicating systemic poverty by contributing to Salem Presbytery’s Pennies for Hunger offering. In 2021 these small contributions across Salem Presbytery resulted in a total contribution of $88,180.94. The fund is used to provide grants to food banks, meals on wheels programs, and feeding ministries. Click here for more information about Salem Presbytery’s Pennies for Hunger Program.

6:30 PM Faith Formation



Our pastor leads the adults in conversation on the intersection of scripture and 21st century life. At times, one or more of our mission partners will provide a presentation on the work they are doing in the county.


Children in grades 2-5 participate in Kingdom Kids. During the hour they listen and talk about Biblical stories, learn new songs, create artwork or a craft, eat a snack, and – of course – play.


The Youth Group may retreat to the Youth Rooms to participate in a short devotional and games, or may stay with the Adults in order to participate in the discussion about the church in the 21st century.

7:30 PM Music-Chancel Choir

The chancel choir meets for its weekly rehearsal. The chancel choir helps lead worship on Sunday and sings an anthem. If you are interested in joining the chancel choir, contact the church at (336-667-1288) or email Debo Cornett, Director of Music.